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Digimon Card Game RB01 Resurgence Booster Pack

Digimon Card Game RB01 Resurgence Booster Pack

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Special packs limited to 36 card types!

These packs feature all-new text and a limited number of types for a greater
chance to find rare cards! The character lineup focuses on the Digimon Ghost 
Game anime, and this set includes many cards of the new Digimon starring in 
this series!

1 of 7 PR cards included! Featuring 1 rare PR card!

1 of 7 exclusive PR cards are included. These PR cards are Alt-Design cards from 
the main series! 1 of these cards has a low pull rate, an Alt-Design Siriusmon. Get 
more repeat buyers with this incredibly rare card!

Digimon Resurgence Booster Packs containg 12 random cards per pack!

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